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Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)


September 2016


Church Preen Primary School is an inclusive school. We ensure that pupils are included in all aspects of learning and school life throughout our school.


From time to time some children require additional support for a set period of time to help meet their needs or improve their learning. The decision to do this is made by the school and is based on a variety of factors including academic progress, and/or assessments carried out by teaching staff or other professionals.  It may also be based on ensuring children have a smooth transition into school or require support when going through significant change either at home or school.  Parents/carers will be informed when this happens.


Some children will require support for a longer period of time to ensure they can access the curriculum effectively and be included fully in classroom learning and school events. Support will be planned by school staff and where appropriate by external professionals. Parents/carers will be kept informed about this support



Our Local Offer describes the range of provision and support available to support identified children as and when appropriate. This Offer is subject to change depending on budgetary constraints and policy review.




Follow the link to view Church Preens Local Offer






 Follow the link below to view the Shropshire Local Offer




Our Special Educational Needs & Disability Coordinator (SENDCo) can be contacted in the following ways:


Telephone:  01694 771359


Email:  sendco@churchpreen.shropshire.sch.uk


Church Preen Information Report SEN Policy