The Edge Schools’ Federation

Flexi-school at Church Preen Primary School

We are pleased to be able to offer flexi-school provision to home-educating families who might wish to utilise it. We welcome flexi-school pupils for a minimum of three days a week in school, working in partnership with parents and carers to provide a well-rounded full-time education through a combination of school and home education.

What is flexi-schooling?

Flexi-schooling is an arrangement between the parent / carer and school where children are registered at the school in the usual way but attend school part-time.  For the rest of the time the child is home-educated.  Flexi-schooling is not part-time education, it is a full-time education which is delivered both in school and at home.

Why choose flexi-schooling?

It is important to recognise that parents may choose flexi-schooling for a huge variety of reasons.  Opportunities available through flexi-schooling include:

  • Children can work and socialise with their own peer group in school.
  • Children have access to specialist educators and resources they might not have at home.
  • Children can join in with activities such as school trips and team sports.
  • Parents have the opportunity to play an active role in their child’s education.

How do I make a request for flexi-schooling?

Arrangements for flexi-schooling can only be made at the request of a parent or carer with parental responsibility.  Any arrangements that are entered into are at the discretion of the Executive Head Teacher and a flexi-schooling agreement outlining the arrangement will be put in place prior to the start of any flexi-school arrangements.

If you would like more information about flexi-schooling at Church Preen Primary School please email or call 01694 771359.