The Edge Schools’ Federation

Fruit Scheme

As many of you are aware our approach to morning snacks ties in with our ‘Healthy Schools’ status.  Morning snack consists of fruit or vegetable only.

Our supplier is Minor Weir & Willis who supports the Government’s Change 4 Life and 5 A Day policies.  More and more children are both trying for the very first time and eating fruit every day in the school and at home.  MMW supply all of the UK’s High Street supermarkets, so are very aware of all the new eating trends for healthy and convenient snacking.  

KS1 (YR, Y1 & Y2) children have their morning fruit at morning playtime and there is no charge

KS2 (Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6) children may either bring their own fruit/veg from home or may subscribe to the fruit scheme.  The cost for a term’s worth of fruit is £1 per week.